PSSF Adoption Promotion & Post-Permanency Services

Transition and Emancipation Support (APP/TES)

Transition and Emancipation Support services are designed to help youth develop skills for independent living and establish meaningful adult connections while simultaneously working toward achieving permanency through reunification, adoption, or guardianship. Youth who are nearing the age of emancipation without an identified permanency resource may need additional supports and services to help transition and prepare for the opportunities and challenges of independent adult living. Without family supports and community networks to help them make successful transitions to adulthood, these young adults may experience very poor outcomes at a much higher rate than the general population. Services are designed to provide enhanced or additional supports and services to youth preparing for emancipation, or youth who have recently exited foster care, to equip them with life skills, educational and career planning necessary for a successful transition to independent adult living.

Transition and Emancipation Support Service Requirements
  1. Youth Assessment & Service Plan
  2. Case Management
  3. Adult or Peer Mentoring
  4. Educational Supports
  5. Employment Supports
  6. Transitional Life Skills
Based on the results of the assessment and the goals identified by the youth, service plans may also include:
  • Health management, such as:
    • Medical care resources
    • Nutrition
    • Substance abuse treatment/recovery supports
    • Pregnancy prevention
  • Safety, including:
    • Maintaining healthy relationships
    • Personal safety
  • Financial Supports
    • Personal documents, identification, etc.
    • Financial resources management, such as banking, budgeting, establishing or repairing credit, etc.
  • Behavior Management
  • Therapeutic Counseling
  • Transportation