PSSF Family Preservation

Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Support (FPS/STR)

Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Support services are provided to parents when substance abuse treatment, random substance abuse drug screenings and/or sustained abstinence are required to prevent maltreatment, removal of the child from the home, or as a condition for reunification. Services include intensive, hands-on parenting component to ensure child safety, prevent abandonment and prevent or reduce the incidence of child abuse and neglect. Relapse prevention support to include in-home follow-up and 24-hour relapse/crisis management support provided by an accredited Addictions Counselor.

Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Support Service Requirements
  1. Initial Assessment & Service Plan
  2. Case Management
  3. Substance Abuse Treatment, Relapse and/or Recovery Support
  4. Parent Education or Parent Training
Based on the reason for referral, the results of the assessment, and case plan goals, service plans may also include additional supports and services needed to effectively address the circumstances that resulted in the family’s involvement with the child welfare agency to prevent reoccurrence. These may include:
  • Drug testing
  • Transportation
  • Therapy
  • Educational Supports
  • Support Groups
  • Childcare
  • Family Life Skills such as budgeting, housekeeping, etc.
  • Employment Training, Job Skills or Vocational Training