PSSF Family Preservation

Residential /Post Placement Aftercare (FPS/RAC)

Residential /Post Placement Aftercare services support children and families reunifying from foster care. Aftercare services are available to families 2-3 months pre-discharge and 6-9 months post-discharge, and are designed to sustain treatment outcomes and prevent placement disruption.  Services are designed to provide a therapeutic framework supporting family living for children and adolescents, and helping to reintegrate them into their homes and communities.  Services MUST be available to families 24 hours a day in the home or other environments accessible to the family.

Residential /Post Placement Aftercare Service Requirements
  1. Child/Family Assessment, including Pre- and Post-Discharge Plan or Transition Plan
  2. Case Management
  3. In-home Behavior Management
  4. Therapy

Based on the reason for referral goals and objectives identified in the discharge or transition plan, service plans may include additional supports and services necessary to enhance the effectiveness required services. These may include:
  • Educational supports
  • Parent Training
  • Support Groups
  • Respite
  • Transportation