PSSF Family Preservation

Crisis Intervention (FPS/CIS)

Crisis Intervention services are designed for children/youth and caregivers to address behaviors that threaten the safety and/or placement stability. Services are designed to support families in crisis where children are at high risk for removal from the home primarily due to child behavior. Service providers must be knowledgeable of and collaborate with DFCS and other community- and faith-based agencies to ensure families receive the array of supports and services they need to maintain safe and stable home environments. Services should be available to families 24 hours a day in the home and/or group home primarily but may include other environments as needed.

Required Services - PSSF Crisis Intervention
  1. Child Assessment & Service Plan
  2. Case Management
  3. Crisis Intervention
  4. In-Home Behavior Management
  5. Therapy
Based on the reason for referral, needs identified in the assessment and case plan goals, service plans may include additional supports and services necessary to enhance the effectiveness required services. These may include:
  • Parent Education/Parent Training
  • Educational Supports
  • Respite
  • Support Groups