PSSF Family Preservation

Relative Caregiver/Kinship Family (FPS/RCS)

Whenever possible, relatives are the preferred resource for children who must be removed from their birth parents because placement with relatives increases stability and safety and helps to maintain family connections and cultural traditions. Relative Caregiver/Kinship Family services offer a comprehensive array of support services to grandparents and relative caregivers who are the primary caregivers of children other than their own. Services are designed to:
  • Prevent children from coming into or re-entering foster care by increasing caretaker capacity and family functioning
  • Improve the educational, physical and mental health of children
  • Promote permanency and child well-being by supporting early and stable relative placements
  • Increase access to and utilization of community-based supports and services
Relative Caregiver/Kinship Family Service Requirements
  1. Initial Family Assessment & Service Plan
  2. Case Management
  3. Caregiver Healthcare Screening, Monitoring/Support and/or Education
  4. Parent Education/Parent Training and/or Behavior Management
  5. Educational Supports
Based on the reason for referral, needs identified in the assessment and case plan goals, service plans may also include additional supports and services needed to effectively address the circumstances that resulted in the disruption of the family and to support relative caregivers in their efforts to prevent children from entering foster care. These may include:
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Therapy
  • After-school supervision or enrichment activities
  • Legal Services
  • Parent/Child Activities
  • Respite
  • Emergency Childcare
  • Transportation