PSSF Family Preservation

Placement Prevention (FPS/PPS)

Placement Prevention services are short-term home- and/or center-based services to children and families with DFCS involvement where children are still in parental custody to provide additional supports and services to support case plan objectives or follow-up supports at case closure to sustain and maintain family stability. These services are provided as a part of a family’s safety and/or CPS case plan designed to safely maintain children in their homes and/or prevent unnecessary placement into foster care.

Placement Prevention Service Requirements
  1. Initial Assessment & Service Plan
  2. Case Management
  3. Parent Education or Parent Training
  4. Behavior Management
  5. Life Skills
Recommended evidence-based parent education/parent training curricula include:
  • Incredible Years
  • Nurturing Parent Program
  • Triple P: Positive Parenting Program
Recommended evidence-based home visiting programs include:
  • Safe Care Augmented
  • Parent Aide
Based on the reason for referral, needs identified in the assessment and case plan goals, additional supports and services may be necessary to effectively address the circumstances that resulted in the family’s involvement with the child welfare agency to ensure that the child remains safely in the home. These may include:
  • Therapy
  • Substance Abuse Recovery Support
  • Educational Supports
  • Transportation
  • Healthy Relationship/Co-Parenting
  • Employment Training, Job Skills or Vocational Training
  • Emergency Childcare
  • Support Groups