Domestic violence leaves millions of victims in its wake, both men and women. It does not discriminate -- it can affect you no matter your religion, ethnicity, or background. Since 1989, October has been National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM). Originating in 1981's "Day of Unity", the first DVAM was observed in 1987, and in 1989 Congress made it official with Public Law 101-112. DVAM brings advocates together who share the goal of ending violence against women and their children, preserving its original themes of connecting people working to put an end to violence, mourning its victims, and celebrating survivors. The US saw a two-thirds reduction of domestic violence between 1993 and 2010.*

In Georgia, we are recommitting ourselves to stopping domestic violence in a variety of ways. This year, Agnes Scott College is hosting the Tapestri Annual Domestic Violence Forum on October 10. Purple will be worn on October 25 to promote domestic violence awareness. The Rose of Sharon "Living Behind the Mask" Domestic Violence Masquerade Gala will take place at Atlanta City Hall October 26.


Here are some Domestic Violence Awareness Resources: