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Healthy Relationship & Co-Parenting

Healthy Relationship & Co-Parenting services teach skills to help couples communicate better, manage their emotions more effectively when they disagree and be better parents for their children. Skills that help parents work cooperatively should also increase voluntary paternity establishment for children. Even when couples are unable to sustain a healthy marriage, parents who can work together are more likely to agree to fair support orders and to provide financial and emotional support for their children.

Healthy Relationship & Co-Parenting services are designed to strengthen and promote stable and life-long parental or co-parenting relationships. Services should teach couples how to build and maintain healthy partnerships, identify and manage stress that threatens relationships, and promote and support co-parenting.

Families referred for healthy marriage/relationship/co-parenting classes, include:

  • Non-married pregnant or parenting women and expectant or parenting fathers
  • Separated or divorced couples with children
  • Young adults
  • Married couples
  • Step parents
Service Requirements:
  1. Initial Family Assessment & Service Plan
  2. Case Management
  3. Therapy - Couples/Family
  4. Healthy Relationship & Co-Parenting Education/Training including but not limited to the following evidence-based curricula:
    • Parenting/Parent Education curricula or Parent Training model, such as Strengthening Families that focuses on increasing family skills to support healthy child development, address positive communication, family functioning, and discipline
    • Effective Communication
    • Financial Management
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Family Planning
    • Father Engagement, such as Supporting Father Involvement, a preventive intervention designed to enhance fathers’ positive involvement with their children
    • Domestic Violence Batterer Intervention Programs, such as Domestic Abuse Intervention Project - The Duluth Model
    • Anger Management
Based on needs identified by the Assessment and goals identified by the family, additional supports and services may be necessary to address challenges, gaps or barriers that reduce the effectiveness of core services. These may include:
  • Peer mentoring
  • Support groups
  • Parent/child enrichment activities
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